The Hemet Unified School District believes that high standards of discipline allow students to develop appropriate behavior and are a necessary part of the student’s education. Hamilton School, home, and community need to operate with basic rules and procedures so a safe school environment may be provided for all students. Rules and consequences are provided so all staff, parents, and students are aware of the behavior policies at our school. Classroom rules are developed by each teacher and support school rules.
General School Rules
1. Be safe (Follow playground rules that protect you and others).
2. Be courteous (Use kind words and good manners).
3. Be responsible (Follow directions, be on time and come prepared with homework & books).
4. Be fair (Ask yourself, “Would it be fair if everyone did it?”)
Consequences of Violations of General Behavior Guidelines
Students will receive a verbal warning or community service for most first offenses. The school wide discipline grid, a comprehensive list of violations and consequences will be used and followed for major offenses.
Positive Reinforcement
Classroom rewards & special opportunities
Positive postcards mailed home
Principal/Assistant Principal recognition in class
Positive phone calls home
Certificates at school-wide assemblies
Lunch with the Principal and/or Assistant Principal
A visit to the school’s prize box